Covid-19 Safety Survey #2

Please respond to the following questions assuming:

  1. We will follow the proposed guidelines stated below

  2. We will be allowing up to 35-40 people per Sunday

  3. Rotation of people will start late-June to early-July

1. How many Sundays would you like to attend per month?
2. How do you feel about the guidelines listed below?
3. How do you feel about gathering at a park altogether as a church once in a while?

4. How many people in your family will be attending Sunday worship? *

5. Parents of children 12 years and under: Which of the following applies to you concerning Sunday worship attendance?




  • All surfaces including doorknobs, toilets, hand washing facilities, podium, donation box, communion supplies, seating areas, and equipment will be disinfected before and after worship gatherings. Frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down during service. 
  • Sanitary items such as hand sanitizers, soaps, toilet seat covers, and tissue paper will be available to everyone in order to encourage personal hygiene. Please notify Pastor Paul Mun or an usher if supplies run out.

CHILDREN: Due to the limited space we are working with, we are unable to host children 12 years and under while keeping the CDC guidelines. 

ELDERLY & HIGH RISK: We are asking the elderly and people with underlying conditions to use discretion when making a decision to attend Sunday worship.


MASKS: Please bring masks with you to Sunday worship. If possible, masks should be worn at all times, except when in your seating area. 


TEMPERATURE: Temperature will be taken at the door. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to return home. 


SEATING: Seats will be clustered by households and will be distanced 6 feet from one another. Roommates will be considered households.

PHYSICAL CONTACT: If possible, please minimize physical contact with non-household members as much as possible, as we cannot continuously monitor or prevent anyone from giving hugs and hand shakes. We are asking congregants to be kind and give grace to one another. If you wish to have social distancing exercised with you at all times, please ask for a neon orange sticker from our ushers.


COMMUNION: Pre-packaged communion elements will be available at the door. 


OFFERING: We suggest giving through Zelle or PayPal. We will not be passing around the offering basket. Instead, an offering box will be available for congregants to drop off their offerings.


SINGING: Once in your seating area, you are permitted to take off your mask to sing, as we believe this an essential part of our expression of worship.


DANCING: You are permitted to dance in your seating area. If your seating area is not large enough, the ushers will try to provide a different space for you.   


PRAYER MINISTRY: Prayer ministers and congregants receiving prayer ministry will be asked to wear a mask. Those that wish to exercise social distancing at all times will be indicated by a neon orange sticker.


Every Sunday 10 a.m.

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